Various Art

This page is for artwork that doesn’t fit easily into the other categories. It’s just fun stuff to look through. (fun for me, at least!)

Life Drawing is of course a staple of art portfolios and I’m not too proud to show some of mine. The top row contains a few examples. I usually draw with my right hand but it’s interesting to note that the very linear and abstract drawings are done with my left hand. Weird, huh? (BTW – I’m naturally left handed.)

Pastels – On the bottom row is a compilation of dry and oil pastels which were done at various locations in the Santa Monica Mountains. They were meant to be an exploration of various well known artist’s styles. Can you recognize any of the references? Do you see the repeated locations?

Holiday Cards – I’ve been doing my own Holiday cards for a long while. The bottom row displays two cards.  The first proudly received, by far, the most negative comments and the second is my latest card.