As the headline indicates, this blog will generally be about art and design and tangents. I mentioned “tangents” because, for those who know me, I can go off on a tangent at the drop of a hat (or in my case, a synapse) Mainly, though, I’ll try to stick to things arty.

This is also an exploration of what I like, what I’ve done and, perhaps, where I’d like to go. There is a portfolio section, possibly some stories, a few photos (my main photo blog is at johnwhophoto.wordpress.com), a bit of my history and whatever else comes to mind (the aforementioned tangents). Hopefully it will be an interesting trip.  –  John Grusd

Paul Gauguin – “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” 


With a name like ”Grusd” you don’t need to worry about a stampede of people trying to steal it away from you. Amazingly, with only five letters, most people can’t pronounce it, let alone spell it. Years ago, in an obvious fit of insanity, I decided to incorporate it into a dba company name, “GRUSDESIGN”. I do have a design background, my name is Grusd, the logo is vaguely clever in the way it combines the two words and it makes a rather nice graphic. There. Now you know. About the only thing it really needs is a pronunciation guide so here it is… (sounds like “grooz + design”). – John Grusd


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