Blog Intrigue

Hello everybody! Welcome to my first blog!

I was going to start by talking about the new Google Art Project but I’ve decided to go off on a tangent right away concerning blogs.

In developing this blog, I did little bits of research like Googling myself and I came across something interesting. Back in 2004, someone in a bogus blog was impersonating me using my name and work history to acquire funding for an animation project. There was quite a bit of conversation back and forth across at least three sites. There was even some rather horrible test animation done. It could either have been a weird scam or an elaborate prank, I really don’t know. In the end it went nowhere and there has been nothing since.

Should I be “shaken to my core” like Oprah or be mildly amused like, well… me?

Interesting things, these blogs… No?

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2 Responses to Blog Intrigue

  1. Ginny says:

    Hi John, LOVE the new blog! 🙂

    I’d sayyyyy… it’s a special badge of honor to have someone masquerade as you to get funding. A trophy is in order or at least a plaque.
    What a strange thing it is that they don’t have the capacity to look deeper into the future and see the futility of the pretense. How could they ever expect to pull it off when they know full well they don’t have the skills and talent their “host” possesses. F’in weird.
    Anyhoo, you’re an inspiration.

    BTW, what google art project?


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